The 1st 3D Print
Provider in the CBD!


The 1st 3D Print
Provider in the CBD

What is 3D Printing?

3D Printing otherwise known as additive manufacturing is the process of building or ‘printing’ physical 3D models from digital designs. This digital fabrication technology is arguably the start of a new industrial revolution and opens up the door of opportunity to a multitude of professions, including Engineering, Architecture, Medical, Jewellery, Fashion and more. If that catches your fancy, there are also over a hundred different materials to print with depending on intended use and lifecycle. ABS filament is chosen for its impact, resistance and durability; optimal for prototyping, casings and other user products. Another example is Carbon fiber, light yet incredibly strong and perfect for printing drone frames & other customized accessories. 3D printing can also offer great cost of savings for production, assembly and experimentation. This way of manufacturing is capable of printing pre-assembled functioning products, new design ideas or numerous design modifications that requires tooling expense. Just press a button and create!

A 3D printer operates on a set of coded instructions called ‘G-code’. This tells the machine how to print the specific model, where to place the nozzle, how much filament needs to be extruded, fan speed, cool-down time etc. What creates this G-code is a slicing software which slices up water-tight or ‘solid’ STL files into feasible, printable layers based on a range of settings – whether you choose to print a quick draft or want a high quality detailed print. Once an STL file is supplied it can be customised to suit the end product, whether it needs scaling, support, infill or even hollowing. Almost everything can be altered to suit the customer’s needs.

Do you have a unique idea? Or a 3D design ready to be prototyped? Do you want to produce customised, one-off products?If you can dream it, we can print it!

3D Printing in MBE Brisbane CBD

The 1st 3D Print Provider in the CBD!

MBE Brisbane CBD currently uses an FDM (Fused deposition modelling) printer which prints horizontally off a heated base platform, a print method in which a model is built up in uniform layers until complete. This process is similar to tradition 2D inkjet printing only with an additional vertical dimension! Our in-house production machine, the Ultimaker 2 Extended, provides intricate detailing up to 20 microns and has an amazing build area of 223x223x305mm for larger applications. You can print anything from figurines to engineering prototypes, Smartphone cases, keychains, architecture prints directly from the plans or even replacement parts for home or office based appliances. The possibilities are endless with 3D printing and with the right knowledge, nearly any computer-aided design can be physically manufactured.

We also offer a range of finishing services to give your print a professional look.

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Not all filament is created equal

Buy the best from MBE!

At MBE Brisbane CBD you can purchase the same trusted and tested filaments from European manufacturer Colorfabb that we use on our own machine! We currently stock 2.85mm Colorfabb PLA filament in both Black & White for $64.95 (GST Inc) per 0.75kg spool. We can special order a large range of colours, sizes and material to meet any of your needs. When it comes to in-house printing we offer a variety of materials and colours to choose from including Clear, Creamy Blue (Glow in the dark), White, Black, Bamboofill and natural skin colour. New colours and materials are added all the time. We can even special order at no additional cost.

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